Candle Meditation

Have you ever felt you are about to burst because of constant noise?

My kids when I get home are at me and after a 9.5 hour day in retail you want to curl up in a ball and have just a little quiet time before you are hassled none stop.

On my way home I stop at the beach and light a candle every day, one minute to five minutes of pure quiet time. It is bliss.

Before I discovered candles to help me quiet my mind I had a really hard time siting for any amount of time quietly. My mind raced and my thoughts came from everywhere. I could not stop them nor control them in order to feel calm or relaxed. I lit a candle and watched the flame for a bit and I noticed I was not concentrating on my racing thoughts but rather the calm and beautiful glow of the candle light.

It was magic. I felt calm come over me and I felt this is for me. Quiet time by candle light helped me to meditate and find my special place of peace.

Candle Meditation is utilizing a candle to help you meditate. Watching the candle flame and having no thoughts finding that empty space for your mind is what I believe my candle mediation is for me.

candle meditation

Since learning the art of meditation I have been able sit quietly with no candle and allow thoughts to come and go but not to follow them. Being in a space that is empty and free is a way to rejuvenate the mind and feel for that short period of time truely me.

Mooji often says "leave your mind at the door" then you can come in.

This saying is so powerful and I practice it every day.

I wish all of you calm and peace in your busy lives.