How to Quiet Your Mind

I watch my children go from sleeping to straight onto their iPads. I cringe and think I am a bad mother. But if we do not show our kids how to quiet their mind then they do not seek quiet time nor know the feeling of what it means to have a quiet calm mind.

When I see the kids do this I just want to sit them down turn off everything and have silence but in the real world this does not happen.

I take second best and get all the daily grind chores completed, drop the kids to school and come home to sit for 5 minutes.

I take out a candle and light it

tin candle calm earth co lemongrass lime eucalyptus quiet time light meditate

I then focus on my breath and take a few deep breathes to slow my mind down.

It is hard to go from getting the morning routine completed to sitting and enjoying calm quiet time.

So it becomes a process of winding down our minds, slowly breathing, focusing for me on my candle light and then not thinking any thoughts.

What I need to be doing rather than sitting for this time, get the dishes and washing done, whats for dinner? Get the house clean, mop the floors or catch up on that work task needed to be competed before next week. Blah Blah Blah!

When you are going crazy thinking so many thoughts bring your mind back to the candle light or anything that is in your space when you are working on your quiet time and calm mind. 

Vishen Lakhiani from MindValley - in his book "The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, he mentions how he was in a restaurant with his family and when he became so overwhelmed that he changed his focus onto the beautiful green leaf plant on his table and bought himself into the present he was able to let go of all the fear and thoughts he was experiencing.

the code of the extraordinary mind vishen lakhiani

This is true for all of us we are able to quiet our mind by becoming into the present moment and just being in the now. 

This is when I focus on my candle light and nothing else except this beautiful glow and warmth it exudes into the atmosphere.

It takes time to learn how to quiet your mind, give yourself permission to be still and to be quiet, take your time and enjoy the moments.

Enjoy your journey.

Sending calm to you in many ways.

Lots Of Love 

Calm Earth Co