7 Chakra Bracelet - Bringing Calm to our Minds

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We all connect in different ways to our spiritual side. I do many different techniques to connect with my inner being.

When you wear a piece of jewellery to remind you bring calm into your day it is the best way to consistently calm the mind.

I wear my beaded bracelet daily and I have many different ways to consistently bring calm into my life. 

These gorgeous bracelets have black lava healing balance beads for that extra empowering feeling of balance and calmness.

You can ear them any wear and anytime. The more you wear your beaded bracelets the more you will bring about a peace and calm vibe into your daily life.

Made with natural stones and authentic beads it make a great present for anyone needing a life in spiritual connection. You can wear your bracelet to yoga and pilates. This a yoga bracelet for women or men of any age who are seeking balance in their lives.

Quiet time for reflection staring at your bracelet will bring about a calm and happy vibe distracting your from the daily grind.