Calm Earth Journey

Thanks for stopping by at Calm Earth Co

My name is Rachel and I am an entrepreneur who has started my Calm Earth Co journey on the edge of other transformations. I am building this dream brand one day at a time. I believe in the power of building a brand and funding a dream lifestyle with more family time and less financial pressure.

After my brain bleed in 2014 I decided I needed to start building a lifestyle that will accommodate my journey. Family and freedom has to be supported by money and the amount of money it takes to survive the daily grind today is getting more and more out of reach for even the relative high income earner.

Working for a living seems to be so old school and very depressing way to exist.

There has to be another way. I researched and researched a way to earn an income online building a legitimate business model and supporting a family. 

I found a program Reliable Education and educated myself in how to build a brand and begin selling on Amazon USA. My love for candles I decided this would be my first product to start with. I successfully launched a candle gift set on Amazon USA.

When I began doing this business, dreaming and building my brand I was also faced with homelessness and no job. I began looking for more answers to help me which led me to meditate.

Candles I found calmed me and I could calm my mind through focusing on a flame. Quiet time is an important part to have and make time for our busy lives. Quiet time can be one minute, two minutes or five minutes to change the way we feel. If you are feeling overwhelmed or lonely perhaps depressed or anxious light a candle and sit for a minute, breathe deeply, calm your mind and empty your thoughts. Can you feel the difference? 

Calm Earth Co is enhancing calm vibes into the world. Candles are best for calm, quiet and relaxing part of your day. Candle Meditation has many benefits for calming the mind, transforming your busy day into a calm and relax moment.

Spend at least 5 minutes a day sitting with a candle and enjoying quiet time with a beautiful aroma, this will change the way you feel and enhance your mood.

Everybody deserves a little calm in their lives.