10pcs/lot Mixed Natural Incense Rose Jasmine Lavender Osmanthus Sakura Smoke Cone

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Incense are a very simple way to freshen any room.

They cleanse the air enhance the good vibes and enjoy beautiful fragrances.

Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura Smoke 

Incense can also improve the sleep quality and lower systolic blood pressure. The aroma of sandalwood has been seen to hasten wound healing as well. However, to protect your lungs, don't burn incense every day or in a closed space. Burning incense has a huge role in cultural and religious practices.

Incense is aromatic biotic material that releases fragrant smoke when burned. The term refers to the material itself, rather than to the aroma that it produces.

Incense is used for aesthetic reasons, and in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense is another way to bring calm and quiet time into your life.

It may also be used as a simple deodorant or insectifuge.