Floral Incense Cone With Tray

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Hollow Backflow Natural Incense Cones

Grab some aromatherapy cones or better known as incense cones. These come in a variety of packets 

70 pieces - 50 pieces - 25 pieces

Natural incense wood powder using natural plant essential oils

The cones will burn for approx 10mins - just enough to perfume your space without saturating it intensely

They are neat in size only 3cm x 1.5cm round

Fragrances: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura (cherry blossom)

What does Osmanthus smell like:

Osmanthus (sometimes referred to as tea olive) has a distinctive fruity aroma. It smells a lot like peach and apricot. Often, osmanthus is used to blend fruity and floral notes together in a sweet, natural way.