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Mini Metal Aromatherapy Car Air Vent Diffuser

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New Design Mini Metal Diffuser for Cars

car mini diffuser


Will not break and is suitable for all cars and people travelling in them.

Beautiful sleek and subtle design it will perfume the car with gorgeous aromas and little interference from the vent. These little innovative designs will not fully block the vent from air passing through it like some of the more bulky types of air vent fresheners for cars. 

Simple to use just add your favorite essential oil a couple of drops to inside of the diffuser and place into the vent with the long clips

Turn the air on and enjoy the aroma

Easy Installation - long strip clamps for higher stability and easy installation and removal from vents

car mini diffuser

Available in Silver, Blue & Black

One piece lasts up to 5 months - 5 pieces lasts up to 2 years